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The Consecutive Republic Party!

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1The Consecutive Republic Party! Empty The Consecutive Republic Party! on Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:33 pm


Hey Everyone! Here is the new ConRep party's platform, please let me know if you support this party, if there is something that should be added.

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
_______________________________ LIFE • UNITY • FREEDOM _______________________

The Platform of the Consecutive Republic Party

Right to Life: We recognize that all human life is sacred due to its Creator and thereby ought to be protected and preserved.

Right to bear arms: We believe that all should have the right to keep and bear arms.

Right to Free enterprise : We believe that the right to free buying and selling shall not be inhibited by the government particularly referring to healthcare and all other lawful objects (i.e.) certain drugs would be prohibited.

Right to Private Property: The right to own private property shall not be infringed upon except through due process, dire circumstances to the nation or province, and with just compensation.

Right to Private Business without Excessive Regulation: Private businesses shall have the right to remain private and shall not be nationalized. They shall only be required to pay standard taxes without value added taxes, and shall only be subject to the most basic standards to ensure safety to their customers and the people they affect. (i.e.) If they mass produce food they will be required to meet the healthy food standards of the FDA in order help maintain the public peace.

Right to Hire and Fire: Businesses shall have the right to choose their own workforce as they see fit, and shall be free of the previous republic’s forced labor unions.

Right of Citizen Dignity: Each citizen shall have a special right, as a member of the nation, to find deport through the local law enforcement, illegal individuals who have secured residence or illegal entry to this nation. This is designed to protect what each citizen has and give them a special status in the meaning of citizenship so as to promote patriotism and the perpetual preservation of the nation as created.

Privatizing Education through local administration and faculty composed of the parents and teachers. Furthermore, we will deregulate homeschooling, giving parents the ability to decide where and how their children shall be schooled.

Traditional Marriage: Marriage shall be between one man and one woman.

Traditional Values.

Stricter enforcement of the good laws already on the books.

Deregulating the government – Welfare should be minimized at the least. Government bureaus should be cut down to efficiency and paid well enough to insure a smaller but more elite staff rather than a great mass of ill-qualified staff.

Strong Military: We shall support the funding and perpetuating of a strong professional military. We shall work to ensure that this military is the strongest in the world, able to defend our interests at home and abroad.

Strong Foreign Policy: Our Nation shall not bow to the wills of any other nation. America was once the leader of the brotherhood of nations, and she shall be that leader once more. We will use all necessary and proper means to promote our interests at home and abroad. However, we will only use warfare as an absolute last resort for but the most dire of circumstances.

Freedom of Nations: We will not force any government style upon any other nation, and will allow friendly nations the greatest leeway possible in determining their own affairs. We will only step in when our nation's vital interests compel us to do so.

Mercy in War: We are determined to deal with enemy nations with great speed and power. However, we will do our best to protect the innocent civilians who may be caught in the middle of the warfare. If an enemy nation surrenders, we will deal mercifully with them, for warfare is not to be solely a weapon of retribution, but also a bringer of peace and tranquility in the world.

Broadening of the American Republic: We are committed to broadening the borders of the American Republic through strictly diplomatic means. Thus, we will give other states the ability to vote to join our Republic if certain conditions are met, e.g. they adopt a Republican form of government, and follow certain guidelines that will help them adopt the American way of life. Even conquered states shall not be forced into joining our Republic. Rather, their people shall have a Referanda taken, or a Convention of their representatives, in which they shall determine for themselves if they shall join America. Any state that decides to not join the Republic shall be given the freedom all other nations have, unless that state is actively working to undermine and destroy our Republic.

Unification of the previously United States: We will do all that we can to unify the whole of America's previous states. We are determined to see the American flag fly over our whole nation. In order to do so, we will use diplomatic means to bring our brethren back into the fold of America, and will not use military force unless our nation is actually attacked. If we use military force, we will follow the above-mentioned planks dealing with merciful warfare.

National Unity: Our nation shall be unified by all the above. Furthermore, we shall work to encourage patriotism and get rid of sectionalism, regionalism, and localism. We are one people and one nation. We are Americans.

Current Members: Christopher S., Sky-opera, Cyrus Smith, Heather M, Charles Jr

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2The Consecutive Republic Party! Empty Re: The Consecutive Republic Party! on Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:40 pm

Christopher S.

Christopher S.
If anyone wishes to join this party, fill out this form:



Branch of Government you wish to run for:

Position you wish to run for:

(if you are unsure about some of these questions, just fill out the ones you have answers for)

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