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List of Bills Passed

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1List of Bills Passed Empty List of Bills Passed on Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:59 am

Christopher S.

Christopher S.
Committee: Primary Committee
Principal Author: Representative Christopher S.
Bill No: H.R. 2
Title of Bill: An Act to Restore Order


Preamble: Where as this Nation is just coming out of Anarchy and is still in a dire state, and since Anarchists have recently been creating chaos in Wisconsin, and since the local Law Enforcement officials are not able to quell the violence, and since the violence is a grave threat to the life of this nation,
SECTION 1: This act may be cited as, "Restoration Act".
SECTION 2: The Writ of Habeus Corpus shall be suspended.
SECTION 3: The Department of Homeland Security shall be given the ability to--
Sub-SECTION A: Send Military forces to quell riots and any violence that the local Law Enforcement cannot effectively deal with, at the request of the State Governor.
Sub-SECTION B: Appoint Generals to lead such forces.
Sub-SECTION C: Establish Military courts to prosecute and punish any violent criminals which they capture. The punishment shall be--
(A) Imprisonment up until the powers in this bill are revoked.
SECTION 4: If the Department of Homeland Security wishes to give the death penalty to a criminal they have captured, they must bring the case to the appropriate State Criminal Court. The Court shall decide the guilt of the detainee and determine if the death penalty shall be applied.
SECTION 5: A grant of 50 million dollars shall be given to each State Governor. This grant may be used only for strengthening the Law Enforcement of each state.
SECTION 6: H. R. 3200, known as "America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009", is hereby repealed.
SECTION 7: Federal spending upon anything other than the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, the Treasury, Justice, Commerce, and Energy, is hereby frozen until this bill is repealed. All funding shall be diverted to the above-mentioned Departments.
SECTION 8: All forms of Abortion shall be illegal in this Nation.
Sub-SECTION A: Abortion shall be defined as: any interference in a pregnancy to destroy or "prevent" pregnancy.
Sub-SECTION B: Abortion shall be punished in the same way murder is punished. This shall be according to the laws in place in the several states.
Sub-SECTION C: Any laws about abortion which are contrary to this bill are hereby repealed.
SECTION 9: This bill shall go into effect 2 days after passage.

Committee: Primary Committee
Principal Author: Representative Sky-Opera
Bill No: H.R. 3
Title of Bill: An Act to Reduce Food Shortages and Prices

Preamble: The American economy is currently facing food shortages due to the increase in food prices and the current lawlessness that has destroyed cultural structure. Therefore as there are very few businesses that are able to produce food the government do what it does best in establishing order and making it safe while staying out of the way of free enterprise.

Section 1: The government will hire a media source at low expense to the tax payer to publicize the need and potential for the industries and farming for food production to grow and expand for the good of everyone involved. And also it will inform the people that using a bartering system is perfectly fit for the times and will promote the free-er exchange of needed goods to everyone’s mutual benefit.

Section 2: Then the government will remove all taxes on food produced in the nation; however it may tax imported food goods, for the time being in order to promote internal national growth. This will reduce the price of food.

Section 3: To protect fragile industries and the public peace it will require that mass produced food meet FDA standards to prevent revenge rioting etc.

Section 4: The government will start selling some government lands cheaply to help boost the farming industry by providing legitimate incentives.

Section 5: The government will establish a temporary committee that will see to the efficient distribution of renting permits for various forms of harvesting natural energy for the private and nationally owned companies. No foreign companies will be allowed to harvest American resources, because that would allow for the opportunity of foreign competitors to put American oil etc. companies out of business. Therefore additionally, imported natural resources will be taxed like imported foods.

Section 6: This bill shall be in effect 2 days after passage.

Committee: Primary Committee
Principal Author: Representative Samuel Garcia
Bill No: H.R. 4
Title of Bill: An Act to cut Budget Deficit

Preamble: Since our budget is now in deficit of $1.5 billion dollars due to HR 2, or "An Act to Restore Order",

Section 1: Any part or section of any future bill must not include any item that does not adhere to the original purpose or Preamble and/or that will produce monetary loss to the institution of government will be struck out.

Section 2: An businesslike organization shall be created to invest remaining resources for profit directly for government.

Section 3: In order to further cut down on unnecessary expenses, all monetary compensation for the services of the Federal Congressmen to this nation shall be frozen until this bill is repealed, this section is amended by a future bill, or a new Constitution is adopted by the Nation.

Section 4: This businesslike organization shall be limited to an investment fund of the amount of the total salaries of 1/4 of the House of Representatives. The government will only be allowed that much if it can spend it all in one year on non-welfare government programs, including defense. If the money cannot be spent without growing the size of unnecessary bureaucracy, it shall be refunded to the people directly.

Section 5: This bill shall be in effect 2 days after passage.

2List of Bills Passed Empty Senate Bills on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:17 pm

Christopher S.

Christopher S.
Principal Author: Senator Christopher S.
Bill No: S. 1
Title of Bill: An Act to Strengthen National Sovereignty


Preamble: Whereas H.R.2 was passed and our military has begun to restore order to our nation, and our own military, along with our law enforcement officers, shall be able to deal with the current violence, and since we no longer need the help of the United Nations' Peacekeepers,
SECTION1: This bill may be called the, "American Sovereignty Act".
SECTION 2: The United States' Representative to the United Nations shall ask the United Nations to not send Peacekeepers to our nation. He shall show them how the violence is slowing and our forces are strong enough to bring back order and peace. However, he shall let the United Nations know that if the violence on our borders gets out of control, we shall ask for the aid of Peacekeepers.
SECTION 3: Smuggling drugs into the United States of America shall be considered treason against the United States and shall be punished accordingly. Aiding, or being a member of, a drug cartel, shall also be considered treason against the United States.
Sub-SECTION 1: The Military shall have the power to enforce this law.
Sub-SECTION 2: The Military shall have the power to bring criminals to trial at the proper Federal court who are suspected of or caught-
A) Smuggling drugs into the United States, or
B) Aiding or being a member of a drug cartel.
SECTION 4: Aiding or being a member of any anarchic organization, or any organization that violently defies the laws and sovereignty of the United States, shall be considered treason. The State Governors shall have the power to enforce this law and ask the Federal Military for assistance.
SECTION 5: All traffic between the U.S.-Mexican border shall be declared illegal. The punishment for crossing the border shall be:
Sub-SECTION 1: Instant deportment for the first offence,
Sub-SECTION 2: Fifteen years in Federal Prison for the subsequent offences.
SECTION 6: Thirty thousand military soldiers shall be sent to the U.S.-Mexican border in order to secure the border.
SECTION 7: All U.S. troops, including the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force, shall be evacuated from all foreign bases and posts. These bases shall be sold to the nations in which they reside. These soldiers shall be used to help quell the violence in our nation.
SECTION 8: With the money gained from the selling of foreign bases, a semi-private watchdog organization shall be set up. This organization shall:
Sub-SECTION 1: Investigate the corruption of government officials,
Sub-SECTION 2: Report their findings both to the Congress and to the State Governors.
The State Governors shall use these findings to convict and impeach these corrupt officials according to the laws of the several States.
SECTION 9: In order to discern the further needs of our military and how long the writ of Habeus Corpus needs to be suspended, two of our top Generals shall be called to speak before the House of Representatives and answer questions from Congressmen. They shall be called up three days after this bill is passed and shall remain in the House of Representatives until released by the House.
SECTION 10: This bill shall go into effect two days after passage.

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