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Constitution Ratification

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1Constitution Ratification Empty Constitution Ratification on Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:53 pm

Christopher S.

Christopher S.
(The Constitutional Convention has closed, and the new Constitution is forcibly "ratified", enforced only by the remaining national military of the Pentagon. Remaining state legislatures of Ohio, Texas, California, Montana, Alaska, and others are petitioning for a valid ratification. Some governors have assumed control of the Guard and their State, while some are more or less cooperative with the new Government.)

Fellow legislators and citizens of America,

I have heard the complaints and fears that many of you have against the forced ratification of the Constitution. Since I was one of the primary drafters of it and was greatly responsible for this forced ratification, I feel the need to present to all of you the reasons why we wish to ratify it this way. Although I cannot speak for the whole convention, I am certain that all of the delegates from there will agree with my arguments.

At this point in time, we have a national government running the nation, known as the Provisional Government. The members of this government have done their best to stem the tide of anarchy and disunion in this nation, and their great successes are a testimony to their wisdom. However, at this moment, their power is completely unrestrained by any form of Constitution or Bill of Rights. The fact that the ProGov has not abused this great power is, again, a testimony to their wisdom. However, does any man truly believe that any government can be trusted with such unrestrained and unbounded power for long? Unless a Constitution is ratified at once, we run the grave risk of absolutist tyranny.

Furthermore, although the anarchy and disunion is being dealt with, the ProGov has been forced to use the military in order to enforce its laws. This is far from ideal, and puts both our troops and our liberties at risk. However, although ProGov has absolute power, I highly doubt that it wishes to stretch its authority into the internal policing of the states. Otherwise, they might be able to enforce the laws without the military.

Also, the states still have the right to resist ProGov, since they have not bound themselves neither by oath nor contract to its authority. Therefore, the ProGov is afraid of over-stepping its bounds. If the new Constitution is ratified instantly, the bounds of the national government will be visibly established, the states will be bound to it, and thus the government will be more energetic in working to establish peace within our borders.

The only national group that enforces national laws is the Pentagon which heads the military. Here we see another grave threat to liberty, for the men who enforce the laws are not lead by a democratically elected, or at least a democratically accountable, official or head. In other words, we do not have a president! We do not even have a European style Prime Minister. Rather, the military chiefs are completely in charge. I trust the current military chiefs, for they have continuously aided our Republic; but would it not be foolish to prolong our trust in them? May not future chiefs try to take over and make our nation into a military dictatorship?

If this Constitution is ratified now, all of the above issues will be put to rest. However, the longer we wait, the more likely that our worst fears will be realized. Brothers and sisters, this is the greatest question of our time: will we be willing to sacrifice our personal interests in order to preserve the unity and safety of the Republic, or will we chance dictatorship and anarchy because we are not completely satisfied with the results of a Convention which we appointed?

I beg of you to please consider the consequences, and make your decisions according to wisdom. If you do so, I trust that the outcome will be in the best interests of our nation.

God Bless America,
Delegate Stahlberg

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